PIC No. 1 Not talking?

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Back to bird watching and trying to figure out how to lure the elusive little Blue Wrens back into my garden.

JAM FACT: My dad use to call me his little Jenny Wren.

When we first moved up into this ‘neck of the woods,’ we saw quite a few Blue Wrens around and about, especially in our side home bush garden.

Over time they ‘disappeared’ and whilst our two neighbours [ approx 800 metres North and South of us] can still boast of the little wrens regular appearances in their gardens, I have at this moment in time, none in mine.

I do however have the beautiful little Scarlet Robins. I call them, technically incorrect I know, Robin Red Breasts. They, together with the little Splendid Fairy Wrens which I call, again technically incorrect Blue Wrens, remain my all time favourite birds.

When I was UNYOUNGER and a little tacker, my Dad and I use to sit and endlessly watch them from our front veranda. It was always such a privilege to see those little blue and red wrens flitting around our bush garden.

So my answer to fixing the fact that we no longer have sightings of the ‘Blue Wrens’ here in my part of the world is to create a new bushy type garden area which I hope is going to entice them back into our home garden.

The area will feature hakeas and white grevillea, plants which I understand the little wrens and other small birds love.

I am organising with my regular garden centre for a click and collect of the recommended plants to happen later in the week. In the meantime, I have been doing a bit of soil prep which has caused these little UNYOUNG muscles to complain just a tad but as it’s all for a good cause I am definitely not complaining.

I should have the garden finished by this weekend. [It goes without saying that MY J’s help with this, will be an extra bonus.]

After that it will be just a matter of waiting for the bushes to firstly grow, then flower and finally flourish into a little Blue Wren’s paradise.

Until next time…have a great week.

Pic No 2. Coming into land.

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