Best Pic: 24th Feb.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I take some time picking out which is my best sunset photo for the month of February.

JAM FACT: I am over this hot summer.

The sunsets here in my part of the world have been pretty amazing lately and on most nights you can find me standing on the front steps having a look at them.  

Up until a few weeks ago it was sans camera but after a particularly hot day in mid February when the sunset sky was alight with an array of fiery reds, I couldn’t resist taking a snap of it.

So on subsequent nights I stood on the exact same spot and took a picture or two of the sunsets on offer.

Did I end up managing to take a photo of something amazing?

I think I did. [See above]

I like this pic for a whole lot of reasons.

Firstly because it appears that my camera was in fact steady at the time of snapping and secondly the frame appears to be in focus so a double bonus!

I really like that I was able to capture the richness of the pinkie colours together with the interesting lights that seem to be radiating through the clouds. Methinks that it’s definitely worthy of being my number one pick.

My second place goes to the picture below. Not quite the somewhat ‘picturesque’ statement my first place makes but still worthy of being a red hot scene.

There’s still one day left in the hottest summer on record here in my part of the world and I am wondering if I have been a tad premature in posting my best pic of the long hot February sunsets. Will tonights beat them all?

That of course remains to be seen but in the meantime I’m off to have some fun before the sun sets on another day here in my part of the world.

Until next time…have a great day and best wishes for a wonderful week ahead.

My Pic No.2. Snapped on the 18th Feb. at the end of another HOT day.

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