Pic. No 1. My Thai NAM TOK

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  My February new idea days are over and I begin planning for my MARCH fun.

JAM FACT: It seems Thai food and I go together.

I promised myself on the eve of 2022 that I would find and do every month, two brand new things.

What to do in February took me a while to decide on but I think I came up with two good ones in the end. The added bonus was that I managed to successfully complete both before the month was out.

Firstly, my many, many downloaded laptop photos were in a need of a big tidy up so I learnt [thanks to several replays of a You Tube video] how:

  • to store my photos into individually named files
  • to re-open each file so I can add/delete if I so desire
  •  to access my free ‘Cloud storage’ and
  • to download or was it upload, doesn’t really matter which, the files onto a USB.

The long overdue photo reorganising activity ended up with a backup system as well so I feel really good about how it all turned out in the end. [I’m sure some parts happened as a result of a bit of a tech savvy fluke on my part but I managed it somehow and that was a definite plus.]

Secondly, I wanted to increase my cooking repertoire so I set myself the task of learning how to make some tasty Thai food.

I found an online cooking website which showed me how to make a Thai Nam Tok/Beef Salad. The one off three hour Zoom session was beamed to my bench top here in the West from a professional Thai kitchen in Melbourne. It turned out to be a very exciting event for me to participate in.

You were supposed to cook along with the chef but I figured that was just a tad too hard for this little UNYOUNG JAM so I avidly watched, asked ‘live’ questions and took copious notes instead.

I made the Beef Salad two days later and voila! I can now successfully cook one Thai meal.  It turned out to be very YUM and it was a big hit with MY J which was an added bonus.

So, my February fun is over and the month of March has begun.

Currently, I find myself still contemplating what exactly my two new things for this month will be.

Just as well there are 31 days in March!

Until next time…It’s a long weekend here in my part of the world and we have ‘opened up’. Time to take extra care + please stay safe in these troubled times. 

Pic No. 2 I sighted in the side bush area, my first Red Breasted Robin for this Autumn season .

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