Pic No.1: Taken on the way to the front gate before my upending. Very pleased to see that I managed to use the right setting for a background blur.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I find again, that my life does not go as smoothly as I would like.

JAM FACT: I have a new “Bestie.”

What a week it has been. It began with me excitedly planning for the commencement of my two new projects for the month and ending with me having to rethink my week ahead plans because…

I have a new “Bestie” in the form of a big, fat, black, toe to knee boot.

Here’s how it all unfolded.

A few days ago, [seems like a lifetime ago now after all the drama that went with it] whilst I was out enjoying an early morning walk to the front gate, one of my UNYOUNG legs decided to have a hissy fit and as a result I ‘turned turtle’ onto the gravel road.

After I righted myself and checked that I was mostly okay, I proceeded to “hobble” in what I know was a most unladylike manner, back up to the house [just as well we live in the bush so no-one saw the performance and yes Dr I should have rung MY J to come and get me and not continue to try to walk on the already injured foot!]

Four days later, with me still uttering the, it’ll get better soon comments, I finally conceded that my foot probably needed some help and we would just have to undergo all the COVID protocols surrounding our current medical care facilities and get it seen to.

So I was taken by MY J firstly to the Drs, then on for some x rays and from there I was directed to the local hospital’s Emergency Department.

I had my first ever COVID test and luckily like thousands of other West Australians it came back as a negative so I was whisked away for further x rays on what was now a very black and blue, swollen and totally inflamed ankle and foot.

After several hours of some very thorough investigations followed by good care and Dr advice, I was finally discharged with my foot and its three fractures ensconced in the new black boot.

The boot and I, apparently, are to be firm friends not only 24 hours a day but for the next 8 – 12 weeks.   

Not sure how the friendship is going to go for that many weeks as there’s already been some unkind words said about sleeping in said boot[it’s only allowed off for showering purposes] and week one is not even over yet.

BUT as it is a non negotiable, this little UNYOUNG JAM will just have to do as the Drs have ordered and as they say ‘suck it up’ and get on with it.

So what can my new “Bestie” and I do whilst we rest up from my unexpected, beginning of the week happenings?

I’ll find something; of that I am certain because this little UNYOUNG JAM may be down for a short count but she is definitely and most certainly not yet, out.

Until next time…take care and have a great weekend.

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