Pic. No. 1: One of my adopted koalas…meet the adorable ‘PIXIE.’

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Still looking for some exciting ‘elevated leg rest’ things that I can happily do.

JAM FACT: One week down, eleven to go with “My Bestie.”

A week has passed since my new Bestie boot took up residence.

I have not suffered totally in silence with it and the adage ‘grin and bear it’ has come to mind I must confess, quite often over these past few days.

Still I have not been idle. My online fingers have been busy.

Firstly, I have ‘adopted’ two koalas… the adorable ‘PIXIE’ who is in permanent residence at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Sanctuary and the delightful ‘WAUCHOPE JADE’ who is also a permanent resident but at the Port MacQuarie Koala hospital.

I picked both from the respective website photo line ups and chose each koala as a result of their described background stories.

Secondly, I have commenced playing the online game of WORDLE after a good friend of mine recommended it to me.

Have I successfully unlocked many words? Not confessing to that little bit of trivia just yet. Well not until my average overall, like success versus number of days is something for this little UNYOUNG JAM can be proud of; after all, I have only been going a few days on it but I must say it’s addictive and it most certainly helps with the passing of time whilst this right leg of mine is out of action.  

Thirdly, I commenced a sitting down UNYOUNG exercise program, seeing as my Zumba Gold program is now in hiatus. The aim is for when My Bestie and I finally part ways in about eleven weeks or so, that my arms, upper body and at least one leg will be reasonably fit.

So with much anticipation I say…roll on week two in the life and times of ‘Me and my Bestie.’

Until next time… be happy.

Pic. No. 2: The last pic I took before my unfortunate upending.
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