Pic No. 1 My Double Delight has had a great flowering season this year…must love all the heat we’ve had.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Where has this last week gone?

JAM FACT: I amuse myself.

The boot and I are managing quite well but of course it goes without saying that my usual movements about the place have been seriously curtailed.

Amusing myself with the ‘quiet activities of life’ has not been a bad thing but it’s definitely not what you would call my cup of tea in oh so many ways.

Still things could be worse; I could have my left foot in a boot as well and that would really be something to complain about!

One of best quiet activities I have done so far this week was when I sat outside for my daily 20 minute dose of Vitamin D and watched the antics of all the birds that flitted in and around the garden/bird bath areas, especially the baby wattle birds.  Am still none the wiser as to most of their proper/technical names but I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised to discover just how many different types we actually have here in my part of the world.

Now that happy bit of bird watching would not have happened if my boot and I had not met; so even if I have been forced into doing some of the quieter things in life, I’m going along okay and that in itself is a bonus.

Until next time…have a great weekend.

Pic No. 2. A busy little Wattle bird.

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