Pic. No.1 A gorgeous little bird comes to visit.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Still bird watching from my window.

JAM FACT: I love the Red Breasted Robin.

It has rained here in my part of the world, thanks to an off shore cyclone. Only a very small amount of mls has fallen so far, compared to that which has been recorded in some parts of the Eastern States but just the same it was enough to cause little rivulets to run down our gravel garden paths.

And the absolute best part of the rainfall happening was that my favourite bird made an appearance for the first time this autumn season.

I spied as luck would have it, a pair of Scarlet Robin [I believe technically known as a type of red breasted robin] having a fun time ‘dancing’ and hopping around in the rivulets that were running down the front path.

I watched them for a short time before rushing off[well as best one can with a booted foot] to get my trusty camera.  They didn’t stay long so I only managed to capture a through the window pic, of the beautiful little male that perched all too briefly on the hand rail before he flitted off.

I kept up a window vigilance for the next thirty minutes or so with a patience that surprised even me, but alas they did not re appear.

If the rain was the reason that this very beautiful pair of little robins came to visit our garden then I hope some more gentle rain keeps coming our way because to see them again would absolutely make my day.

Until next time…be your own reason for being happy.

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Pic. No.2 The cumquat trees are flowering nicely.

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