Pic. No. 1: The burnt paper remains.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Making scones in my Air Fryer.

JAM FACT: I learn something new.

The weather here has turned cool.

The cooler days looked like a good time for me to whip up a batch of scones. This thought was motivated not only by the recent inclement weather but also by the fact that my SIL had recently sent me an air fryer scone recipe that was a hit with her family.

So earlier this week, whilst MY J was away in town picking up our weekly click and collect order, I got myself boot and all, prepared to make an Air Fryer batch of scones.

My first batch failed to launch. The recipe said to line the tin with baking paper so I did. Then as the recipe instructed I put it into the Air Fryer to heat up.

Oops, oops and oops! The air circulating inside the fryer blew the paper up into the element and the paper caught fire! Smoke started billowing out of the fryer. I had a moment of panic before I came to my senses…hastily turned off the fryer, pulled out the basket with the burning paper still blazing, threw the tea towel over it…in hindsight not a good move but I managed in the end, to stop the flames and so avert a big kitchen disaster.

I’m not one to be easily thwarted, so I cleaned up the mess, aired the kitchen from all the smoke [can’t believe how much smoke there was] and continued on.

My second attempt to make a batch of air fryer scones turned out to be a success with no dramas involved at all. [A big sigh of relief was heard to be given by MOI at this point]

We enjoyed the scones with our afternoon cuppa. MY J thought they were great.  [I waited until he had given the verdict on how tasty they were before I confessed to the mini fire disaster that I had created then had luckily somehow averted.]

The motto of this story of course is…you are never too old to learn new recipes/ways of doing things BUT, even though this cooler weather still makes me yearn for the taste of some good old home baked scones I most definitely will not be cooking them in the Air Fryer again anytime soon. Believe me when I say once was enough.

Until next time…it’s ‘hump day’; I hope it has been a good one for you.

Pic. No 2: The tomato bushes are still flourishing.

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