FIRST PIC: My new ‘easy’ knitting project tools.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I knit and I purl and I get slightly bamboozled with the so called easy pattern.

JAM FACT: Knitting is not one my forte’s.

I have knitted on and off for quite a number of years but even after completing several projects during that time, I would still classify myself as a “learner” when it comes to the art of knitting.

So if I get the fancy to take on a knitting project, I always go for an “easy” pattern, one that won’t do my head in too much.

My latest effort, a project whilst the leg is still immobilised in its big black boot, is a knitted vest with collar…somewhat of a fanciful one if the picture is anything to go by but as the pattern said…if you can knit one, purl one you can do this. So onto it I was.

I have made an excellent start with it even if I say so myself but it has been not without its hiccups. The first was that I discovered I am obviously a very loose knitter because I am only half way along with it and I have already used up 2/3rds of the wool I bought as per the pattern.

My calculations said that I would need two more balls. Luckily for me the wool shop had the same colour still available. An added bonus was that there was an online Easter special so the two extra balls have been bought at a discounted price and are now on their way to me.

In the meantime, I patiently knit on.

I was hoping to have the project finished by the end of April; not sure that I will meet that deadline even if the extra balls arrive in time but I figure as long as I actually finish this latest ‘easy’ knitting project and it turns out to be a “good looking” winter wearable, what more could I want.

Until next time… wherever you are, I hope you are having a fabulous day.

SECOND PIC: Enjoying the scene on the Avon River at York.

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