FIRST PIC: After the rains

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Learning how to be a happy UNYOUNG, even if things don’t go to plan.

JAM FACT: I bounce back.

I have a new mantra, well not exactly a new one, just an old one that is currently being replayed in my UNYOUNG brain. It’s …never think that life will always go in a straight line.

I know from past experiences, that curved balls can roll into your world at any time but it doesn’t negate the fact that when, as a couple have done this past week, they do, I don’t always bounce back right away these days.

Don’t get me wrong; my life is pretty good, always has been and I expect it always will be but I notice as the days and months roll unbelievably quickly on, that little health blips seem of late to be raising their heads and I am not taking too kindly to that.

No doubt about it, my unyoung body has definitely been feeling its ‘mellowness’ of late. I have even had an outburst or two lamenting the very fact to MY J.

BUT as MY J rightly and gently reminds me; the human body has 78 organs and as I currently have some issues with only three of those,[N.B: all three are fixable, well as best as “matured, used” parts can be] I need to ask myself, what in fact have I to complain about? I could have any number of the other remaining 75 organs in bother and I haven’t so…

I just need to shape up and soldier on along the pathway of life; straight line or curved balls, it doesn’t really matter just as long as I am on the line of life and as I’m definitely all for that, I say roll on the month of May.

Until next time… take care and have a great day.

SECOND PIC: This little guy was very busy, even with half a wing missing.

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