FIRST PIC: My very first home grown lime is almost ready to be picked.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  My April escapades.

JAM FACT: I enjoy some at home fun.

The month of MAY is here and already three days have passed.

So it is time for me to reflect and see if my New Year promise of finding two new things to do every month, is still alive and well.

The Moon boot remained affixed so I was still unfortunately curtailed to quiet, indoor activities. [Only 3 weeks and one day to go and then fingers crossed, the boot can come off]

Despite that slightly inhibiting factor, I did manage to quite happily entertain myself for the month with some usual indoor stuff but I also branched out somewhat and increased my tech savvy knowledge. I ‘surfed the net’ on many, many occasions and in doing so found two new things to do.

Firstly…I discovered [by default really, via my friend who sent me the link…which I enjoy doing]

the site.

It’s a site where you can join a virtual tour anywhere in the world with a host. My first ‘tour’ was a sunset walk along the beach at St Kilda…very nice… and my next one is to BERGEN in Norway. [Unyoung Jam has been to lots of countries in her lifetime but not to Norway so I am really looking forward to that walk]

I have only ‘physically’ joined one tour so far but I have however spent, many an hour just surfing the site itself and planning where I can go in the days ahead. [W.S.T does make a difference as to what exactly is on in my daylight hours but some pretty good ones are on offer just the same.]

Can I go around the world in eighty days? I have discovered that I most certainly can and the plan is that I will!

Secondly…I had one of my favourite photos printed onto a t shirt. I think it has turned out to be pretty okay and because it looks good even if I say so myself, I went on and found an Australian photo site that makes silk scarves with your photo on it. Can’t show you that little treasure I have made just yet as it is still winging its way to me.

So,28 days left in May; that’s still a lot of days for me to have fun in and I am so up for it, moon boot et al.   

Life I say, is what you make it.

Until next time…I hope all is well in your part of the world.

Second Pic: Mum’s ‘Blue Broom’ bush is happily flowering right now.

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