Yesterday’s early morning sunshine before the rains today.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Planning a revamp for a back garden area.

JAM FACT: I am anxiously waiting to get out of my moon boot so I can start gardening again.

Only 19 days to go before, fingers crossed, my moon boot can come off. It feels like I have had it attached to me for forever but again I console myself with the notion that things could have been so much worse…both feet in a moon boot…now that would definitely have been something for me to whinge about!

So onwards and upwards it is.

Yesterday as I sat outside enjoying the beautiful warm autumn day sunshine, before today’s rain, I noted that my back garden area is in need of a bit of T.L.C, well if I am completely honest, quite a bit of T.L.C.  So whilst I was getting my daily dose of Vitamin D for these little unyoung bones I did some revamp planning in my head.

Am thinking that some additional red and green easy to grow succulents may be the way to go, less water and as my online searching has found, they are very easy maintenance. I’ll plant them out into some new colourful pots so the area should look pretty good when I have finished it.

Whilst that project is temporarily waiting for the moon boot freedom days to happen, I think it is also high time for me to make some more plans for when I am sans boot.

Not many days to go now, so new moon-bootless adventures here I come!

Until next time…I wish you sunny smiles and happy thoughts.

My existing back yard succulent is looking healthy.

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