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TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Pumpkin scones.

JAM FACT: I like to bake.

My Mum was a great scone maker. I even recall that she once won a scone competition.  Did I inherit that talent? Not quite but I did manage to successfully turn out a pretty tasty batch today.

I say successfully turned out because I don’t always manage a ‘good’ batch but today’s lot, even if I say so myself, were pretty near one of my best efforts.

Some of my fondest memories of Mum’s scone making days are when she made them in a wood, Metters oven. She always said a hot oven = good scones.  Heaven knows how she exactly knew when the oven was just hot enough but she always seemed to be able to nail it.

The opposite of that, is of course me…reliant on the oven thermostat pinging to say it has reached the right temperature and then I just slide the ready to bake scones in.

Obviously yesterday’s oven temperature was just right as my batch of pumpkin scones came out of that hot oven not only looking just right but tasting just right too.

So, maybe a little of Mum’s scone making expertise has rubbed off on me after all.

Until next time…today is a good day to have a good day.

Very happy with my scones but I must try for a smoother surface next time!

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