My new socks.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Almost boot free.

JAM FACT: I love shoes, especially new ones.

I have less than one week to go and fingers crossed, I will be sans my somewhat now ‘lovable,’ big, black boot.

Excitement + + +does not even begin to describe my thoughts on the matter and preparations for my bootless days are well and truly in hand.

I know that my unyoung ankle will be a tad fragile for some weeks to come, so some new type of boots are required to support the injured area; boots that will protect my ankle in case ha, ha… I manage to fall over and fracture something again.

I’m very okay with that foot requirement as I have always loved shoes. I have in fact already found the perfect pair…some dark brown leather ankle boots with a decorative trim.  

Ankle boots I hear are very much in vogue for this coming winter season so I will be very trendy indeed!

I have also bought some very jazzy socks, [see pic above] to go with the new boots.

New boots, new socks, ’new’ ankle; the day for my boot ‘lift’ off is almost here.

I am one very excited UNYOUNG JAM.

Until next time…happy walking in your part of the world.

My Silver Princess in the driveway is covered in flower buds this year.