The first buds have burst open. Love this tree.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: My dreams of being bootless are not quite realised.

JAM FACT: I was too exuberant for my own good.

The Big Boot Check up was last week. The outcome was not quite as good as I had hoped for but none the less it wasn’t all bad either.I was expecting my Dr to say-YES your 12 weeks of boot wearing is up, so let’s proceed on to the weaning and rehabilitation phase/program.

But it was a big fat NO. My 12 weeks was not up.

“QUELLE?” I said in amazement, [Doc is a little bit French and I still remember some words from my High School days] UNYOUNG JAM has miscalculated? Surely not!

“OUI,” says Doc and then proceeded; complete with an over the glasses look, to remind me that I waited ten days before seeking Medical advice on said foot injury, so the actual 12 weeks started from the time a ‘Medical person’ installed the boot. So, it’s some more days to go before I can be boot free.

But and this bit is much appreciated, I don’t have to sleep with it on anymore. Yeah!

The official boot weaning days are definitely scheduled to start at the end of the second week of June so I really don’t have that long to go. Then it will be some Physio rehab along with me being able to drive again and the best bit, I have been cleared for some gentle gardening work/enjoyment to happen. I didn’t listen to what I was allowed to do in the housework department… he, he!

The Dr [an avid boot wearer] and I, also compared notes on boots, seeing as they are now a must have item in my wardrobe. The Dr even suggested a couple of shops to check out; one she said was currently having a sale, so she suggested I get on to it post haste and so I did.

So whilst my exuberance about being boot free came a bit too early, all is not lost as I have now directed that enthusiasm towards the boot shops the Dr suggested. I am having some serious fun looking, looking and I am pretty confident that I will be wearing a new pair of very smart ankle boots when next I see my Dr.

Until next time, remember… a smile confuses an approaching frown.

My little Correas are still happily flowering.

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