My Japan Rose Garden Tour.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I enjoy life.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I recall the events of MAY and check whether I have fulfilled my New Year promise to self.

Did I succeed in finding and completing two new things this past month?  

  • https://www.heygo.com  I took a trip to see a rose garden in Japan. I could almost smell all the beautiful roses there. It was most impressive. Pic above was taken by little UNYOUNG Moi as we walked around the foreshore. I was even able to somehow save it from the live page to my pic file. [That’s a definite uptick for my tech savvy knowledge.]
  • I learnt two new recipes…slow cooked honey lemon chicken and walnut and carrot muffins. Both are on my repeat list and MY J gave them both a resounding 10.
  • I made /uploaded one of my photos onto a T Shirt and had it printed and even if I say so myself, it turned out A okay.
  • I also worked out how to upload another of my favourite photos so it could be printed as a silk scarf and yes I think it has turned out okay too – very wearable. 

So mission accomplished; plus my MAY ‘new’ happenings were pretty exciting to do even though the foot was still in its moon boot.

Can’t wait to see what I get up to in JUNE; I will soon be bootless, so the sky will be the limit.

Until next time…be your own adventurer.

A gorgeous autumn tree located in the foyer of N.S.H. School.

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