UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I am young at heart.

UNYOUNG’S  ADVENTURE FOR TODAY: I endure the passages of time.

TIME: For me it encompasses all the facets of yesterday, today and tomorrow and during the past few days I have been having a bit of a meltdown over its passing.


Well…my boot free days are fast approaching [albeit part times ones to start with but that’s okay because at this stage I will take anything that is on offer] and I am gearing up for some fun things to do as soon as that happens.

But…in the process of planning for that, I have also been lamenting over all the things that I have missed out on during my past ‘moon boot’ wearing months.

You could even go so far as to say that I actually have been in a bit of a feeling sorry for myself zone. I reckon a fun retail therapy session with my friend ”Me” would have helped enormously but as that was not a feasible proposition I had to look elsewhere to find myself something to give me a much needed, upwards boost.

So, I spent some time searching online for something different that would not only challenge my young at heart mindset but would more importantly, help to put me back into my usual happy zone.

And I think I found it at https://doncorgi.com

It’s a, learn how to draw a digital caricature of yourself and I’m starting the online course tomorrow.

I reckon I have a bit of an interesting face, shape wise, so I’m a little bit excited to see what I can come up with. If it turns out okay, I’m going to use it in my musings right here on these very blog pages.

I am almost back into my happy zone just thinking about it, so definitely will be back there once I get the caricature finalized!

Time…it waits for no-one, UNYOUNG or otherwise.

Until next time…don’t let anything dull your sparkle.

Today’s early morning clouds.
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