An early morning view from across the front paddock.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I am learning how to draw a cartoon.

MY ADVENTURE FOR TODAY IS: I haven’t yet mastered the art of actually drawing a really good cartoon but I did digitally create a couple.

I am currently happily sitting indoors in the warm, as it is a wet, cold, bleak day here in my part of the world but that’s okay as practising my caricature drawing techniques is definitely not a chore; it’s actually quite a fun thing to do, even if I have used up heaps of paper and sharpened my 2 B pencils until they are too small to use. Just as well I stocked up!

The drawing activity is making me feel quite buoyant; so much so that I am confident that I can actually do this i.e.: come up with a cartoon that is representative of a very happy, adventurous UNYOUNG JAM.

In between my drawing sessions, I made a second digital face.

I quite like it, even if I say so myself but it is only for short term use. I really want to create an original that I can use on my UNYOUNG blog page.

I am especially trying to create a facial expression of being happy. Not easy I can assure you, if all the paper I have used so far is any guide. Stay tuned to see if I succeed!   

Until next time…enjoy your weekend.

Opened and opening.

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