Sunset here at home on Winter Solstice night.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I am excited.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I discover that some of the simple things in life still make me happy, especially if that includes talking.

Everyone I know knows that I love to talk and yesterday I was caught up in a talking frenzy.

My long awaited ‘going out’ black patent trimmed boots, my waterproof hiking boots and my six pairs of patterned socks finally arrived and I am delighted to say that my expectations of all three items were more than met.  My excitement whilst opening the boxes knew no bounds and as for me talking about it all, well I was pretty much nonstop.

I was feeling slightly euphoric because not only had I waited a long time for these boots and socks to arrive but a long time [four months ] to actually be in a position to wear them. [I am now in a part time moon boot wearing phase, so their arrival was very pertinent as it represents a major step forward in my foot’s rehabilitation process.]

MY J whilst all this was happening sat listening and watching my boot and sock ‘show and tell’ and didn’t say a lot, until he finally interrupted me with a hand stop signal and said:

 “Now I know that you not talking would be like the equivalent of me going hiking and climbing Mt Everest but could you take a breath and put yourself on pause for a while as I‘m on a bit of a listening over load here.”

So I pressed my pause talking button BUT my unyoung brain was still firing on all cylinders so I spent the next few minutes working out in my mind all the possible sock and boot combinations I could have. After a few colour wise mismatches, I decided which socks would look best with which boots and sorted them accordingly.

Then my brain wondered when the hiking boots could be officially christened. So I pressed the resume talking button and asked: “Where MY J, could we take these new hiking boots so that they can be christened?”

A picnic by THE AVON was his reply and so weather permitting, my new hiking boots will be given their first outing tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

I will probably talk all the way there and pretty much all the way back but that’s okay, MY J is used to this little UNYOUNG JAM talking lots, new boots or not. 

Until next time…wherever you are, whatever you do, enjoy your day. 

The new going out boots and socks.

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