On the banks of the AVON.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I love shoes, especially new boots.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: We go picnicking so I can christen my new hiking boots.

Over the last few days, in between some light showers of rain, we have been lucky enough to enjoy some really nice sunny days, although I must admit they haven’t been without a definite chill factor.

We have recorded several one degree temperatures overnight and that I must say is a tad cold but if you can find yourself a sunny spot out of the wind during the day light hours the days have been very pleasant. So yesterday MY J and I went for a picnic over by the Avon River.

Earlier in the week the Doctor and Physio gave me the all clear re my foot so I wore my new hiking boots and officially christened them whilst walking along the sandy banks of the river.

I also took myself into down town Northam today so I could christen my new going out boots.

Both new pairs of boots are made for walking, so from here on in I am going to make sure that they get many, many outings, whatever the weather. 

Until next time…today is a good day to spoil yourself.

The boots are christened.
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