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UNYOUNG JAM FACT: Another month bites the dust.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Time flies when you are having fun or so they say.

I was still foot impaired for the month of June, so my two new fun things to do [as per the ongoing New Year promise to self] were indoor ones.


My first foray into the online world of Etsy resulted in me finding a pattern for Lavender Shoe Stuffers and as I thought that I would enjoy making them, I ordered the fabrics etc, also online. They were not as easy to make as it looked or as the instructions said but in the end and after 9 prototype failures, I finally on the last day of June, produced a pair that I was reasonably happy with. MY method of making them suits me and as it does not do my head in, I am thinking that maybe some lavender shoe stuffers will be on my Christmas give away list for this year.


I started this project some weeks ago but as I finished it in June, I reckon it qualifies for a post on this month’s new activity list. The pattern said easy but in the hands of this little UNYOUNG JAM it turned out that it was not so easy. But…when all was said and done, I actually in the end only made two real boo-boos.

Firstly I inadvertently knitted the vest in three shades of blue. I discovered this little fact when I took a photo of the finished item. That’s when I could very clearly see the blue, pale blue and not so pale blue demarcation lines. I checked my label dye numbers. Oops… should have checked this finer point when the wool package arrived in the post. Still as the saying goes a man/woman on a galloping horse won’t see it so that little faux pas sits okay with me.

Secondly when I put the two fronts to the back, the back was longer and as that length suited me better, I turned to ‘You Tube’ to see if I could undo the bottom fronts and knit some more on and yes it said you could, so I did. If you look closely, you can see where I have added on to the length but as the project was a bit of a knitting first for me I am pretty okay with that faux pas too.

I’m planning on giving my ‘vest of blues’ an outing soon and if anyone happens to ask…did you make it…I will be more than ready to say, why of course I did; it was as easy as!

So I succeeded in finding two new things to do in June but July is well and truly here and it is passing all too quickly. One week has already gone, so the pressure is certainly on for me to find two, new, really, really, good things to do BUT as I am now foot loose and fancy moon boot free, the sky will be the limit. Stay tuned!

Until next time…I hope your day is a good one.

MY lavender Shoe Stuffers.

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