-‘s VERSUS +’s.

Growing above the parking meter where my ‘tap to pay’ worked.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I started the week feeling a tad sad.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I work on steering myself back into the positive zone.

The negatives that have played with my emotional head this week were:

  • I ordered the wrong coffee pods for my machine.
  • I turned up at the Eye Specialist on the wrong day.
  • I forgot to take my heart meds correctly.
  • I pulled up by mistake, my recently planted seedlings.
  • I realised we are nearly to the end of the month and I have so far found only one new thing to do. [The New Year promise I vowed not to break.]

The positives that are seeing me end the week however, are:

  • I have walked 6000 + steps nearly every day this week.
  • I learnt how to zap /tap my online only credit card on a parking machine.
  • I have cleaned two of my office windows so I can sit and see the finer points of my garden, like the new shoots on my roses.
  • I met with my sewing group for the first time since early December last year.
  • I resurrected my sewing project that I started earlier in the year.

So I think I have ended the week with some strong positives, enough I believe, to get my head back into an optimistic zone.

Let’s hope the head stays that way and I guess, even if I do happen to make a few more mistakes, I just need to say…what the heck, that’s life and get on with it.

Until next time, as Helen Mirren once said…“Your 40’s are good. Your 50’s are great. Your 60’s are fab and 70 is f*@king awesome!” So… with that little statement in mind, I’m off to make it so.

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