My first orchid sighting of the season. A beautiful little DONKEY.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I love to be out walking.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  On Tuesday, I took a leisurely stroll through the bush to see what I could see.

I didn’t walk all that far but none the less, it was far enough for me to see not only some healthy bush growth going on but my first orchid for this wild flower season.

It was a little Donkey Orchid…Diuris [I know this gem of a fact because I have seen lots of posts from knowledgeable people on Instagram that call it that].It was a beautiful little plant, five flower heads in all. Only one was fully open but its vibrant colours looked amazing as it ‘danced’ gently in the breeze.

By the time I had managed to capture a decent photo of ‘the donkey’ when its petals were actually almost still, quite some time had elapsed.

I was on a bit of a time frame so I only had a few more minutes after the happy snapping episode to see if I could find any more donkeys but alas it was my only find for the day plus by the time my scheduled time for walking was over these little UNYOUNG legs were well and truly spent.

In fact when I checked my step counter at the end of the day, I discovered with much delight, that I had walked a total of 8,105 steps. That is the most I have done for five months and gosh it felt good.

Clearly my mojo is on its way back, so with that in mind, I have scheduled another bush walk for later in the week. Hopefully I will be able to find some other orchids, like the Diuris that have chosen to flower this early in the wildflower season.

Until next time… every exit is an entry to somewhere else so I’m off to find one. 

Spied on the way to the bush.
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