My first daffodil of the season is out.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I am not a lover of the cold.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I am trying to stay warm and sneak a walk or two in, in between the rainy out bursts.

I know it is winter but I wish it would rain at night so I could get in a daily walk or two now that my foot is back in action.

My recent walks have not seen me venture too far from the house so I am a tad disappointed about that because I have not been able to go up the back of our block and check out to see if there are any wildflowers out.

If I had a full wet weather gear outfit I could go out wandering but as my current winter walking gear is not all that good I am reluctant to venture too far from home.

I have not been idle though… I have restarted my sewing/appliqué wall hanging project and have almost finished one square of it…two more to go, plus I made a very yummy [so MY J said] slow cooked beef casserole for last night’s dinner and I successfully tried a new recipe for healthy banana oat muffin/biscuits…so as they say, all is not lost.

More rain and storms are forecast for the next four days; the oat/hay crop will be happy and it will also be good for my roses which I have now finished pruning[in between the rain downpours]. I fertilized them with lots of the rose magic fertilizer stuff so I should get a good flourish of blooms come springtime.

Although winter is not my favourite time of the year, I must admit that I am enjoying all the things I have found I can do whilst the rain has been lightly and heavily pitter pattering on our tin roof. So the next four days of storms and rain are not going to phase me at all plus if I can stay warm, all will definitely be A Okay here in my part of the world.

Until next time…I am off to be anything but predictable on this rainy winter’s day.

This bush is enjoying the rain.
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