My new wheels!

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I like it when I promise myself to do something because then I will be sure to do it.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Some self reflection goes on.

Today is the second day of August which means another month of the year has just bitten the dust.

It’s time to ask myself…did I do two new things in the month of July as per my New Year promise to self.

And the answer is a resounding yes, I sure did!

  1. NEW WHEELS. I am very, very happy with the purchase of an arctic white, brand spanking new four wheel drive. The wheels as pictured I reckon, look like a racing car specialty.  I think in the industry they refer to them as low profile tyres. Whatever they are called I think they make the vehicle look very sporty and for an unyoung lady like me, that is a definite boost to my ego. Plus,it is an absolute treat to drive.
  2. PHOTOS.  I entered one of my orchid photos in the Kings Park photographic competition for 2022. [The Donkey Orchid one] I know they get thousands of very impressive wildflower entry pics from super duper amateur photographers but I thought to myself…why not? So I did. I also ‘prepared’ four other photos that I reckon look okay [i.e; they are in focus] and I am going to enter them into a couple of the local agricultural shows. Again I know they get lots of ‘professional’entries but again I said to myself why ever not?

So definitely two new things happened in the month that’s just passed me by and on the list of what I have done so far this year, I reckon they would rate to be almost at the top.

There are now 29 days left in August; that’s quite a few days for me to find and do two new things that will make me, one very happy UNYOUNG JAM. So upwards and onwards it is.

Until next time…I remind myself of the age old adage…if nothing is going right – I just need to go left.


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