This umbrella display was set up for the Avon Descent.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I have another new pair of walking boots.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I am learning how to stay on my feet and to not trip and fall whilst out walking along our wet gravel roads.

It is fair to say that winter in all its glory, is happening with a bit of a vengeance here in my part of the world.

Storms, several cold fronts, freezing temps, [well maximums of 12-14 degrees is freezing for us] together with lots of rain have been happening pretty much nonstop for the last two weeks.

It reminds us of the first winter we spent up here in 2000;  when the tractor bogged and had to be pulled out by the neighbours bigger tractor,  the front gate/road was covered in a metre of water and had to be closed for a day or so and trees were blown down across the power lines in our front paddock which cut off the power supply to 3000 odd neighbouring homes for almost 24 hours.

We haven’t had nearly as much ‘excitement’ as we had back in 2000 but none the less we have experienced many a bleak day.

Too bleak in fact for me to venture out in my new wheels and even though these UNYOUNG legs were itching for a drive to savour a coffee or two with my friends from my favourite cafe, I stayed at home in the warm; during which time I discovered I had an unfortunate glitch in my blog workings. It was a bit of a shame as it is a very good indoors activity but as always……came to my rescue [they are such a great resource] and so I am back in blog action again.

I did brave the winds and venture out for a walk on one or two occasions but honestly it has been so bleak-my face is frozen by the time I get back to the house and then it feels like it is not worth the effort, [that’s a poor excuse if ever I have heard one] so as a result not many walking steps have been happening here at the moment.  

I usually like winter but right now, as the middle of yet another cold front passes us by [38 mm overnight] I am a bit over this wet, windy and downright bleak season … roll on springtime!

Until next time…stay safe, warm and dry.

I spy a new butterfly in the home garden.

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