A delightful find in the neighbouring bush. I know them as “Jug Orchids.”

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: My friends are special to me.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  Friends are what your heart needs all the time. I learned the finer points of this when I was a teenager.

After a bit of a brutal interlude with a girl [who I thought was a friend] in my Junior Year at Kent Street High School, my Mum consoled me with the notion that a truly good friend will like/ love you… warts and all… and that friendships work both ways.

Her words of wisdom regarding the warts soothed my wounded heart at the time and I have gone on to use that friendship yardstick ever since.

I have never found it to be wrong.  I now know and recognise my little [sometimes big] warts but I’ve discovered that my true friends still like/love me for just exactly who I am.  My idiosyncrasies apparently endear me to them. Who knew?  Certainly not me, when I was at the tender age of fourteen.

My memory bank has been pretty full of very happy times since that high school debacle. In fact my life ever since has been all the better because I have been able to make and keep friendships…as Mum would say warts and all… for a long, long time and that as I see it, is a VERY good thing indeed.

Until next time… have a great week and in the meantime I shall try to stay on my feet but that’s another story for another time!

I know this one as”Eggs and Bacon.”

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