This guy had just had a feed on the new geranium shoots.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I love springtimes.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  I have been out and about enjoying the beautiful sunshine that is currently on offer here in my part of the world.

Only five days to go and it will be officially Spring but already there are subtle signs that it has already arrived.

The garden is bursting with new growth, the shoots are looking lush and juicy[some bushes have already been annihilated by the parrots but that’s okay because it is an annual occurrence and history says they will all grow back]  Mum’s freesias are looking fabulous[ first bout of hay fever when I  ventured too close yesterday but that’s easily fixed…I just admire them from afar and stay up wind] my snow peas have pods, pods and more pods, which are nearly ready for picking, the bees are happily buzzing everywhere and on it goes.

So I foresee some very happy gardening times ahead.  

I love Spring days. It is in fact this little UNYOUNG JAM ‘s favourite season.

Until next time…take care and have a great weekend.  

Looking pretty in the almost spring sunshine.

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