This beautiful specimen was one of the biggest I found.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I go bush walking to see if I can find some spider orchids.

UNYOUNG JAM FACT: I love WA wildflowers.

Yesterday, whilst the sun was shining, I took a walk in some nearby bush to see if I could  find some spider orchids.

I was definitely in luck as I discovered a gorgeous little pocket of them scattered in amongst the wild freesias.

I managed to capture a clear pic or two of the single spider orchids but was unsuccessful in getting a sharp, in focus pic of the ones standing in groups. None the less it was lovely to see them and I must say the sight of them all … maybe 20 +… was pretty impressive.

What I found the most interesting bit about them was that, the impressively colourful and beautiful formed  flowers are atop such spindly tall stalks. It’s amazing really.

I wanted to go back today to see if I could get a group spider orchid photo but it is raining here and I have learnt that cloudy overcast days are not ideal for taking clear pics…well for this little UNYOUNG JAM it isn’t…so I will have to wait until the sun shines again here in my part of the world before I venture back out to that bush area and try again.

In the meantime I will cross my fingers that the orchids can endure the rain without too much damage being done to their spider like petals and that they will still be looking as grand as they were today because I really do want to capture a group pic of these amazing wildflowers.  

Until next time…have a great day and enjoy the week coming up.

The wattle trees lining part of our driveway are just coming into full bloom.

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