UNYOUNG JAM is feeling very happy because TODAY’S ADVENTURE is about one of my favourite things…GARDENING.

I’ve always loved bulbs especially the glorious shows they put on in the spring time.

I use to admire flowering bulbs in everyone else’s garden but mine – that is until a few years ago when I had a bit of a splurge and had a buy up on bulbs.

I bought and subsequently planted across my garden areas:

60 daffodils

20 mini daffodils

6 tulips and

3 irises.

Added to that, are my Mum’s freesias that I transplanted a few of, after our family home was sold in 2012. They’ve multiplied aplenty and now give a wonderful display in one of our front garden beds.

This spring, pretty much all of the bulbs flowered, even the daffodils that had a bit of an inadvertent whipper snipper trim from MY J when the leaves first sprouted.

 My favourite bulb for this year was the IRIS. It has a striking formation and such vibrant colours across its petals.

No wonder I gave it my 1st Prize card!

I plan to manage their coming dying off periods as per the TV’s gardening guru’s advice to ensure that I get another burst of beautiful spring time bulb colour next year.

Until next time…enjoy your garden.

Mum’s Freesias.
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