UNYOUNG JAM is feeling pretty chuffed because TODAY’S ADVENTURE is about me being brave during my recent [and last for this year] visit to the dentist.

My two, newly made crowns arrived at the dentist early last week so in I went to get them fitted. Their side by side placement was meant to be a straightforward procedure. Temps hooked off, new crowns glued on, so the dentist and I agreed that a jab to numb my gums was not required. I could be brave and have this little job numb free.

But it turned out to be a not so easy manoeuvre; the crowns didn’t quite fit when I did the top/bottom crunch. Both the top and bottom teeth had to have a bit of drilling/shaving done before the crowns would fit just right. It was not a pleasant experience but the dentist said I was very brave.

That was a first because I can assure you that this little UNYOUNG JAM has never in her life been brave during a dentist visit before.  

I must admit that the minor pain was worth it though as the new crowns feel great but my dental woes are not quite over yet.

Another of my UNYOUNG teeth is cracked.  Apparently I grind my teeth in the night so it is worn down as well but that work is on hold for now.

Methinks next year will be soon enough for that to be done. I’ve had enough of the dentist visits for now. Hmm does that mean that maybe I am not so brave after all!

Until next time…I hope your week is a good one.

We had a lovely spring shower this morning.
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