UNYOUNG JAM is feeling a bit wan because TODAY’S ADVENTURE is about me visiting the Eye Specialist to receive an update on the state of my cataracts.

And yes the visit confirmed that my eyes are now ready for some restoration work.

I believe, dare I say it that it is due to the fact I am UNYOUNG.

In a way I am glad they are ready to be ‘lasered off into the atmosphere’ as it has become extremely difficult for me to get my little SONY RX100 camera to focus…well it’s more like me being able to see clearly enough to focus on the subject before I hit the photo button.

I am also glad to be having the simple ops done as my left eye, even with my glasses on, is only just meeting the requirements for driving. Yikes! That scared me into getting them off ASAP because living where I do definitely requires me to have a driver’s licence.  

Op one is booked for the 23rd Dec, my Christmas present to self!

Op two is scheduled for the first week of 2024.  It has a little complication that requires some behind the scenes ‘needling’ work to be done before hand. I have to say I am so looking forward to that happening!

So visits to the Eye Specialist, who is a very personable young man will be a bit full on for the next few weeks but in the end, I, like pretty much all of my other UNYOUNG friends, will have some seriously rejuvenated eye sight which will allow me to do who knows what…and who can complain about that…certainly not me.  

Until next time … I hope you have had a great start to your week.

I have my eye on you.

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