UNYOUNG JAM is feeling a little bit excited because TODAY’S ADVENTURE is about my October happenings.

Yes, it’s the first day of a brand-new month and it is time for me to reflect and see if I met my New Year promise to self…that I would do two new things every month.

So …

  1. DIRTY CHIA. I was at my favourite coffee shop in downtown Northam recently when I spontaneously, yes, I know I’m usually a procrastinator of the highest order but on this occasion, I decided to order a different coffee. A different coffee? Now that is out of my comfort zone! Why…because the young ’Barista’ said “I’m a black coffee fan too and occasionally I treat myself to a DIRTY CHIA. Have you had one?” No, I said a little hesitantly, but she convinced me in the end to be ‘out there’ and try one with the added proviso that if I didn’t like it, she would make me my usual long black. WELL! What can I say other than I am a convert and the name well Dirty Chia sounds sort of impish when you say it and that’s sort of me in a way so as they say…if the cap fits wear it. My order now is…”May I have a dirty chia please” and the baristas say “certainly” then give me a little knowing smile whatever that means!  
  2.  APPLIQUE. I finished my applique three panel wall hanging. Am I happy with it? Yes, I am and it’s ‘happily’ hanging on the family room wall.  I am so pleased with it as in a resounding yes, I can moment that I am now embarking on an even larger, more intricate wall hanging project – one with some fancy tricky bits to it. I am now one little motivated applique, I can do this UNYOUNG JAM and as Audrey Hepburn once said…” Nothing is impossible – the very word says I’m possible,” so I am going to give it my best shot.  I’m sure I will learn a thing or two along the way with maybe a frustrated frown or two thrown in for good measure and that will be a good challenge for this little UNYOUNG to meet.

So, I am pretty happy with my two new October things and I am now looking forward to what November brings.

Until next time…make today so awesome that yesterday becomes jealous.  

The finished applique wall hanging. [Yes I know the photo is out of focus, I need to have my cataracts off!]
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