These ‘paws’ are still flowering.


UNYOUNG JAM is waiting for this bleak weather to vamoose because no swimming is happening here in my part of the world just yet and that’s been a tad frustrating.

Normally at this time of the year I would have had the wet suit out and been happily doing daily laps but not this year.

The weather has been too up and down and almost completely roundabout.

I have dipped the toes in to test the waters, but these little UNYOUNG toes have been declaring…freezing cold, so not yet!

Fingers crossed the sunshiny days will return soon and I can get back into my wet suit [at least for the first few swims until the weather warms up] because I do like to swim, starting with a dive that gives off a splash or two. The wait to resume my swimming fun for this year has been a long and frustrating one especially given that patience is not one of my virtues.

I know I’m moaning about this cold snap we are experiencing right now but it won’t be long, and I guarantee that I’ll be complaining about the 43-degree summer days and saying it’s too hot. Things, as we all well know from around the world, could be much worse, so I really should just grin and bear it, with out complaint.

Still, I’m UNYOUNG and if I can’t complain about the weather at this age…when will I be able to?

Until next time …have a great weekend.  

My first ‘Christmas spider’ sighting for the season.

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