These babies are learning how to fish.

UNYOUNG JAM is feeling pretty happy because TODAY’S ADVENTURE is about me losing some weight.

Yes, I have lost some weight. Three kilos in fact.

Am I trying to lose weight?

Yes I am. I put on way too many kilos when I was out of action with the four month boot saga and those extra kilos, I can feel them that’s for sure, need to come back off.

How much more do I want to lose?

Another four kilos.

What is helping me do it?

The CSIRO TWD https://www.totalwellbeingdiet.com/au/

I bought it, well HBF did, a few weeks ago.

I haven’t followed it exactly to the letter so far, due to some unforeseen home front happenings but the concept and ideas have certainly motivated me to lose some kilos already.

The Recipe book is a beauty – lots of good recipes to be found[ well when I say good that means I like them!]

Will I be able to reach my goal weight before my favourite Christmas fare[ pudding] hits the table this year?

Well that’s the plan for this little [little being the operative word here] UNYOUNG JAM.

We shall see if I succeeded in about 39 days time.

Until next time-I hope your day is turning out to be a good one.

Some beautiful patterns are currently to be found on the trees in our driveway.


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