New to the garden.

UNYOUNG JAM is in reflection mode because TODAY’S ADVENTURE is all about the things I did in November.

As per the New Year promise to self, this last month saw me complete two new things.

Firstly, I won the weekend ‘walking’ challenge. I have belonged to a health walking app, ever since the boot disaster ended.

I never thought I was competitive but clearly, I am, because I have been trying so hard to win this first place [most steps walked over the two days] and last week I finally succeeded. I didn’t walk a zillion steps and I didn’t win by much, but it was my best walking effort for quite some time and the best bit was that I didn’t upend myself in the process so a bonus all round which has resulted in me being one very happy UNYOUNG JAM.

Secondly, I have lost five and a half kilos since I started on my Total Well being diet.

My aim is to throw off another two and a half kilos before the 25th of this month. I am pretty keen to do it, not only so I can say I lost 8 kilos in 11 weeks and I feel better/lighter for having done it but it’s also about me rewarding myself with a good serve of pudding with the works on the 25th and then to go and purchase some new clothing which will be two sizes smaller, at the after Christmas sales. So again, I am one happy UNYOUNG JAM.

I think finding two new things to do in this final month of the year should not be a hard task, seeing as it is a Festive one, so happy days here I come.

Until next time…have a great weekend.

My friend ME sent me the pattern for these little decorative, fun to make hens.
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