I am feeling very energised.

I suspect that feeling is coming from the fact that I have recently had my regular Vitamin B injection. It is especially good to feel this way as I have not been “myself” healthwise for quite a while so to feel this good is really great.

There are probably, besides the extra hit of vitamins, a few other reasons as to why I am feeling upbeat too.

  • I have not sustained an injury from any of my unfortunate regular little trip ups, loss of balance or falls these past few weeks. [I’m discounting my recent slip and fall into the pool episode as the water was very forgiving!]  Those little hiccups are in fact fast becoming a thing of the past and that, is indeed a plus.
  • Maybe the less falls bit is because my heart medications appear to be now working in my favour, plus I am religiously doing my balance exercises and my happy little walking regime around the property is almost back to the days when I was fit enough to enter and compete in the Annual Perth City to Surf event.
  • Or maybe it is the fact I have lost 7 kilos in the past two months. And yes, that does feel good. I’m down two…yes two…clothing sizes.

Whatever the reason as to why I am feeling very young at heart and very happy with where I am at right now is all A Okay with me.

I’m even looking forward to where I’m going because in the New Year, I will have the added bonus of ‘two new seeing eyes.’

Until next time…Have a great day.

Resting in the front garden…very cheeky indeed!
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