End of the month? YES, IT IS ALMOST HERE.

PLUS, IT’S COMING UP TO THE END OF THE YEAR AS WELL, so UNYOUNG JAM has been in reflective mode – big time.

This time last year, [well almost this time as New Year is still a few days away] I made a promise to myself that I would, besides all my usual happenings, make myself find two brand new things to do EVERY month.

I figured the choices I made would keep me feeling youthful and as it turns out the selections I ultimately made, most certainly did do just that.

So, for the last time in 2022 I have asked myself the question…did I find two new things to do this month? And the answer is…Yes, I did.

  1. I have a ‘new eye.’ I had the first cataract removed a few days ago and all has gone well. I did not panic or freak out about it and that in itself was something to celebrate. I’m hyper at the best of times plus I do not like things in my eyes; you could even say I am a bit of a wimp in that regard, so having it all go to plan and me staying low key about it all [drugs probably helped a lot…he, he!] was reward in itself.
  2. I reached my goal weight. I am now two sizes smaller and that makes me feel incredibly happy. I shopped online at the Boxing Day sales [that is a first] and found myself some clothing and shoe bargains. You could say that I most definitely rewarded the new thinner/fitter me big time!

I thank myself for making the promise to do two new things every month because that commitment forced me, despite the many health mishaps/issues that occurred in my life during the year, to choose to do things that brought an extra smile to my face which in turn made my days just that little bit happier.

I can honestly say that each and every one of those things I chose to do [twenty-four in all], made me one very happy UNYOUNG JAM.

So, when this coming New Year rolls over in a few days’ time, I am again going to make that promise of finding myself two new things to do every month for the next twelve months.

I cannot wait to see what I get up to in 2023.

Until then…best wishes for a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

One of my favourite pics I took in 2022.
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