Spied whilst out walking this morning.

I am feeling incredibly happy because I have “new” eyes.

Both of my cataracts have been removed and my long vision is now excellent. I was taken a little by surprise even though I had been told by many, at the clarity and brightness of everything after just two weeks post op. I am back driving again sans glasses and am amazed at how clearly, I can see number plates, signs etc. That definitely augers well for when I start driving down the hill to re start my socialising activities!

My short sightedness still exists but slightly less than it was before so in the interim until I get the all clear to visit an optician for some prescription ‘close work’ glasses, I have purchased some off the rack ones.  I have found that I can use those for reading and embroidery work and that’s a plus in itself.

My new eyes make me feel very upbeat and I have even started to see the finer points through my camera lens so I am very happy about that.

Methinks some real ‘photo shoots’ are now a distinct possibility. Stay tuned.

Until next time…have a great weekend.  

Currently we have about 60 ducks including adults, teenagers and youngies, enjoying our dam area.
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