I’m looking for my water dish!

Our resident Bung Arrow is not the only one looking for a cool drink on these hot summers days. It has been so hot that I can’t always decide how to start my day…whether to enjoy an early morning walk before the sun dons its fiery hat or relax with an early morning swim. Some days I do both and then swim again and again.

I have to say that swimming has to rate as one of my very favourites things of the summer season. Well, that and eating copious amounts of peaches and grapes and strawberries and watermelon.

Plus, it is when my roses are in full bloom. The best one at the minute is my Pierre de Ron son. It is having a very beautiful summer season. Coming in at a very close second is the Double Delight.

So despite experiencing some 40+ degree days and whether I start my days with a walk or swim, or even do both, I have to say that I just love everything about the summertime here in my part of the world.

 Until next time … I hope you have a wonderful week.  

Some pool reflections before I jump in to fracture them.