This High Tea sample in celebration of my milestone birthday, was so very Yum and as it was a very, very special occasion I did not think calories!

I thought last year’s little activity of doing two new things every month was highly successful for keeping this little UNYOUNG JAM happy and  young at heart, so I am repeating the ‘policy’ for 2023.

My two JANUARY escapades were:

  1. I joined a Water Aerobics group in downtown Northam and it turns out I love it! I discovered early on that it doesn’t really matter that I can’t actually hear the instructions being called out. The very fit young instructor has a microphone but it’s still not loud enough for these little ears to hear but I watch what she does and just mirror the moves as best I can, all whilst standing in shoulder depth water. It’s been a fun thing to do this past hot month, the pool facilities are excellent and the coffee afterwards is great too!
  • My very good friend and ‘sister’ ME and I, celebrated with a very special group of friends, our recent “milestone” birthday at The Treasury in Perth. [The friends are a wonderful example of the old adage “Make new friends but keep the old, these are silver they are GOLD.”] We spent the afternoon enjoying an absolutely fabulous High Tea and I loved every minute of it. I returned home one very spoilt UNYOUNG JAM.

So, after adding two new things to my lifetime of memories it’s into this month I go.  I have nothing immediately planned but come this time next month I’m pretty sure I will be able to report on two new things that I have done that have made me extra happy.

Until next time…may your day be a happy one.

On my way to Water Aerobics.
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