Biggest spider web I have ever seen in our back garden [no spider in sight though.]

I have done a few things so far this week which definitely classify as being out of my comfort zone.

Firstly, whilst I was on my way to my friend Ds after the little water aerobics workout, I dropped into the local McDonalds drive through [first time ever] and ordered a skinny flat white, extra hot, a long black and then I added two fruit hot cross buns to the order. Using a fast food outlet to pick up some take away coffees was an enlightening experience for this little UNYOUNG JAM but I have to say it was a good one and the added bonus was that D and I enjoyed our first hot cross buns for the year.

Secondly, I had laser treatment on my eye – that certainly was a new experience. I had worked myself up into thinking that it was going to be a hard thing to undergo but my eye was so full of local anaesthetic drops that I didn’t feel a thing. I just heard the zaps from the machine, so it turned out to be no problem at all.  

Thirdly, I entered some of my recent photos [four in all] into a local photography competition. Not sure how they will go but I am just happy that I felt confident enough to enter them. Fingers crossed that at least one of them will get at least one ‘people award’ vote; one vote will be better than none – even if it is mine!

And tonight, I am trying out a new chicken and rice recipe that my friend Me said was very tasty.

So I am not sure if this spontaneity for doing things out of my comfort zone will continue for the rest of the week but as I am feeling pretty good about it, who knows!  

Until next time … I hope your day has been a good one.

The summer white gums and some sort of grubs are out.
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