This is a snap of my favourite red geranium.

The talk today, as it is Valentine’s Day, is all about the colour red and the various forms of love that surround it. People are drawn to buy all sorts of red related things on this day.

This little UNYOUNG JAM remembers a time when MY J ‘participated’ in this red day event. He always bought me chocolate and I can assure you that his choice of chocolate for me was always met with great delight because I absolutely LOVE chocolate. Have done for years; in fact my love of chocolate goes back many, many moons.

And when I was a lot unyounger I really did not care what sort or size I received, just as long as chocolate featured as the main ingredient.

MY J and I are long past the giving and receiving of a red box of something on this designated February day. Instead, we now choose one another a chocolate of some kind during our weekly shopping ‘escapade.

We then, whilst we sedately watch our favourite nightly TV programs, indulge in a little bit of it. [The trick is to make it last the week!]

I only indulge in the dark variety these days,[my heart likes that better] with my favourite being the Dark Chocolate Ginger, whilst MY J continues to enjoy the milk variety in all its forms. This week I have chocolate Easter balls to savour [they are so beautiful to savour after being stored in the freezer] whilst MY J has a red Cherry Ripe or two to eat.

So our ‘chocolate love’ habits have definitely changed; we have moved on or is it aged on – whatever it is, I reckon the chocolate selected by MY J every week for me to enjoy nightly, far outweighs a once a year February red ‘chocolate love’ day.

I now have a chocolate love day every day and what more could I want.

Until next time…I have found that a little bit of chocolate always brightens my day…I hope a little bit will brighten yours too.

My red ‘DOUBLE DLEIGHT’ rose.

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