I discover that the dragon flies that dive bomb me in the pool have bluish bodies.

They say old habits die hard and I have to say that this little UNYOUNG JAM continues to be a bit of a testament to that idiom.

Some of my habits originated during my childhood family years and others have simply evolved over living the past almost 50 years, with MY J.

Do I want to stop any of those habits?  Not sure that I do because I can be a little superstitious too and so I asked myself, what if I changed some of those habits and my ‘luck in life’ was jeopardised in some way? I could not possibly have that happen…so the decision has been made – these following long time habits are staying put.

  1. Sleeping on the left side of the bed – have done that for as long as I can remember. [Thankfully MY J turned out to be a right side of the bed lover] Of course, it goes without stating the obvious – I must get out the left side every morning too.
  2. Always putting any footwear on, left foot first. [Does that make me right hand dominant? Not sure of the scientific facts but it’s true, I am right-handed for nearly almost everything else.]
  3. Tying my shoelaces with a single tied knot. I make a good size loop with both ends of the laces before turning them through to make that single tied knot. Never worn ‘double knots’ in my life.
  4. Only reading books with a happy conclusion – yes guilty as charged. This habit started just after my dad passed away thirty plus years ago. I always read the last page first – no happy ending – no buying/ borrowing of said book.   
  5. And this Blog always has a photo or two taken the very week I write the anecdote. [Very, very occasionally I repost a favourite pic but mostly I stick to the promise I made myself when I started writing the Blog – it must be a new shot because that keeps me motivated and out and about –resulting in me having a good for my wellbeing, positive attitude, which was why I started the Blog in the first place.]

So there’s a brief look into some of my old die hard habits but you get my drift; and as they form a part of my uniquely me traits, [which MY J has been A Okay with for almost 50 years] – I don’t plan to change any of them anytime soon.  

Until next time – stay cool and hydrated.

The first fig of the year has been picked and eaten – very yum it was too.
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