The Rose N Crown.

I am feeling pretty happy with all the little adventures I have had this week.

Best by far was the lunch with friends in downtown Guildford. I always come away with a wonderful sense of happiness after I have lunched/chatted with these long-time besties. It’s such a special thing in my life.

I also had a great time at Water Aerobics earlier in the week and I even learned two new things about myself in the process; one was that I still haven’t quite mastered the technique of ‘opposite star jumps’ but I am improving so that was good and the second thing was that I was finally able to master/control the ‘noodle’ whilst doing the associated water exercises without it coming up, smacking me in the face and then floating away, so that was a definite plus. I have even bought my very own noodle so I can practise the routines at home. Next week when I go, it might even end up being a ‘ta – da’ moment!

I also researched information about the KETO diet. [MY J is unwell, and this diet will be better for him in the coming months.]. I’m not always confident about my cooking abilities when trying new recipes but the instructions were really clear, so I was able to successfully make a couple of things from the recipe collection and both were pretty tasty so that was also a plus.

I have booked an appointment to order some new glasses as my eyes are now ready for them. Not sure what sort of frames I will purchase but methinks something bluish and somewhat stylish. I’m never one to deviate too far from the norm but you never know, this could be the year I get something outrageously good.  

And now the weekend is nigh – I have no immediate plans in place as yet but I am pretty sure if this week is anything to go by, before Monday comes around again, I will have found a couple of things to do which will keep this little UNYOUNG JAM smiling and happy.

Until next time…take care and be kind to yourself.

PS Have a great weekend.

I have been experimenting with my camera’s light dial and taking snaps of my various succulents.
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