I try to stress less by completing a piece from my latest animal colouring book.

I have used this strategy a few times before and I find it does destress me, especially if the shape has umpteen little bits to colour in as this one did. Didn’t turn out looking like a real crab of course but what does it matter…just as long as this little UNYOUNG’S thinking stays in the positive zone and colouring in certainly helps to do that.

However, some days are harder than others for me to stay in that positive zone and my fallback position is always to make or buy a sweet treat and yesterday was no exception.  

The local bakery/pie shop won out in the end and I came home with one of their very tasty[ methinks not so healthy but it did taste very YUM!] carrot cakes. I bought it on the pre-tense that it was for MY J but that wasn’t quite true as I served up not only a piece for MY J but a little one for me too!

Am I less stressed today than I was yesterday? Yes I am and I’m not sure which did the trick to help me out of ‘my blue spot’ – the colouring or the cake but that is neither here nor there.

The main thing is that I am back to my usual happy self and all is again right here in my part of the world. Take care.

And until next time – be kind to yourself.

The side wall of a café in downtown Northam.

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