This is a favourite pic of mine.

February? Just where did that month go? Never mind, it has gone – but I am pleased to say that those twenty-eight days did not pass by without me finding two new things to do so my New Year promise to self has been fulfilled for this past month and that makes me very happy. 

My two new things for February are all about my photography.

I completed a couple of mini online ‘learn how to take better’ photo sessions. I entered a “Senior’s Photo” competition! I cleaned up my exceptionally large store of digital photos by ordering and storing them in themes on USB’s. I even worked out [thank you Microsoft] how to give each picture a number and title, and then I put them into a theme file. [That last bit took me ages to set up and think through, but it wasn’t a really big bother in the end as we had some really hot, last days of summer here in my part of the world, so it was good to be inside with something purposeful to do.]

I selected what I considered to be some of my more noteworthy photos and used them to make a few photo cards.  That meant some more ‘learn how to’ online sessions but it turned out to be a fun thing to do in between my dips into the pool to keep cool. I have made about twenty cards so far. It’s a pretty common hobby and heaps of people all over the world make photo cards, but I figure none will be like mine because my photos are unique after all! What will I do with them?  That is a question for another day; I am just enjoying the challenge of making them for now.

So, February was a really good month for me because not only did I learn how to use two more features on my SONY RX100 camera, but I also learnt how to organise my photos into an UNYOUNG, user friendly format and I started a completely new hobby/craft.

Making photo cards that looked ‘professional’ required me to do a crash course in learning how to precisely measure, cut and glue. That little experience certainly kept this little UNYOUNG’S brain highly activated and that is always a particularly good thing to be happening. 

Roll on March – I am fairly sure that my N.Y. promise will be kept yet again as I have already organised for one new thing to happen already!

Take care and until next time – have a great weekend.

Went fig picking yesterday. They are very tasty this season.
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