“MR A”.

I am a little sad today because a much-loved gerbera of mine has just up and died.

The gerbera was given to me as a twenty first birthday present – almost fifty-five years ago. It was from a family friend who was a champion gerbera grower.

This particular gerbera was one of his newest lines and as I was living home with Mum and Dad at the time, I thought the best place for it was in Mum’s front rose garden. It happily flourished there for many years. When the family home was sold about ten years ago MY J and I transplanted it up here with us, together with its surrounding roses.

It did really well, as did the roses; it bloomed happily, made new growth each year, responded well to my pruning and fertilising regime until about a month ago when it started to look very sick and frail.

I consulted with some gardening experts but nothing they suggested turned it around and sadly MR A as we affectionately knew the plant as, is no more.

It was only a plant I know but as its sentimental value was sort of immeasurable, I feel its loss in more ways than one.

Until next time – enjoy your day.

Across the paddock this morning I spied my first rainbow of the season.

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