What have I done?

Something really exciting – well from my viewpoint it is.

I have been on a photo shoot!

Sounds like something sophisticated but it was just me going to a local haunt and spending time [without any constraints on my schedule] wandering around observing all that is there, taking as many photos as I liked, of whatever took my fancy and to see what I could come up with. 

And here is one of my pics – it’s of the old school in Mundaring which now operates as the local museum.  I have seen the building multiple times over the last twenty or so years but this time I looked at it with a different eye – a photo opportunity eye if there is such a thing.  

Taking pictures that are in focus.

I had my cataracts removed recently and as a result have new glasses.

The frames are slightly more daring and more expensive than I usually buy but as I liked the look of them when I put them on – I said why not!  Even MY J said how great they looked and that makes me especially happy.

The other best bit about the new look glasses is that I am now able to see quite clearly through my camera viewing lens and not surprisingly more of my pictures are now turning out to be much more inspiring to look at – amazing what an in focus look can do.

Love this blossom which is just starting to bloom here in my part of the world.

Finding a new location.

I had a fun time looking at all the photos I ended up snapping. [Previously I have had to delete a good proportion of what I have taken after a bit of a photo outing because they were not in focus but this time I have managed to snap quite a few good ones – even if I say so myself]

I am of the belief that the more photos I take the better the chance is that I will get a good one, so with that in mind I have planned to go on another specific photo outing next week.

This could become a weekly – no that sounds like too frequently a happening as I must remember that I am a true amateur photographer – so let me mark that down as a must do monthly happening.  

Whatever the time span turns out to be, I am going to make sure it happens at some point in the not too distant future because I had so much fun doing it.

It also relaxed me completely and that is never a bad thing to happen for this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Until next time – I hope your day turns out to be an enjoyable one.

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