Autumn has arrived here in my part of the world.

I love autumn for all sorts of reasons.

I especially love it because it’s the time of the year when most of the gum blossoms are out and it is just beautiful to see.

The trees around here usually put on a pretty impressive display and this year is no exception.  

Some of the flowering gums are part of the natural bush growth here on our property whilst others have been planted by us during the last twenty odd years.

Naturally found or introduced by us – the pinks, the yellows and the white gums are currently in full bloom and their flourishing reminds me of the ‘old bush tale’ that is told to us by the locals pretty much every year since we moved here.  

It is said – that if the big old gum that is situated on the corner of the driveway leading up to our house is covered in a good proportion of white blossoms before the month of March is over, we can expect a winter season of good rainfall.

That tree’s winter rainfall forecast has not yet been proven wrong so given its current state, I’d say that we should prepare for another wet winter ahead!

But not before the annual ‘gum pruning’ takes place of course.

Bird Life Abounds
Black cockatoos come and go all during the year around here, but we have noted that they are particularly prevalent during the gum blossom season.
A mass of them arrived last week [one hundred or more – I think our full water troughs helped them to decide that our location was again a pretty good one to stop at] and they have had a wonderful time enjoying the taste of those said blossoms – the whites so far being the clear favourite.

Photography opportunities

The cockatoos are not the only ones enjoying the surrounds. There are many other types of birds enjoying the blossoms too, as are the bees and all sorts of insects that remain a nameless wonder to me.

I like the fact that they are all around because it provides me with many an opportunity to snap a pic or two. I have been fascinated with the number of ants – both big and small that keep running amok in amongst the blossoms themselves this year.

I am sure there is a very logical answer as to why there appears to be so many or maybe it is just the fact that I have new glasses and I can now actually see the finer points of life!

Until next time – have a great day.

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